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New Jersey Employment Litigation Attorneys

Proactive and Resourceful Counsel in Workplace Disputes

Ms. Ross counsels businesses in a wide range of employment law matters. Ms. Ross' extensive familiarity with state and federal employment law issues, provides clients with a strategic advantage in the assessment and implementation of risk-averse business plans and policies winning litigation strategy. As legal counsel to small and medium-sized business owners, Ms. Ross has considerable experience drafting executive employment agreements and non-compete agreements, as well as litigating the enforcement of these significant agreements.

On behalf of employers, our Bergen County employment litigation attorneys provide comprehensive client service on the legal and practical aspects of the employment relationship, from recruiting and hiring decisions to layoffs or termination. Advice is based on a thorough understanding of state and federal employment law, a broad familiarity with the wide variety of solutions that could address particular problems under given circumstances, and highly developed courtroom skills focused on the clear presentation of evidence.

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Our Bergen County lawyers also emphasize a pragmatic and realistic approach to employment litigation problems. We are careful to make sure that the defense strategy utilized in your case meets the demands of the employee's claim, but also protects continuing business interests. Examples of our employment law defense practice:

  • Discrimination complaints related to recruiting, hiring, promotion or compensation practices
  • Claims of wrongful termination or employer retaliation
  • Sexual harassment claims
  • Problems related to vacation, sick leave or family leave
  • Employee classification and overtime exemption issues
  • Breach of contract claims related to professional or executive employment
  • Enforcement of restrictive covenants related to trade secrets, non-compete agreements or other commitments
  • Enforcement of severance terms

While much of our work in employer defense takes place in the context of an established attorney-client relationship with the client company, M. Ross & Associates, LLC also represents clients who need advice about defending an employee's claim as a freestanding engagement.

Representation in Employment Contract Disputes

Most employment relationships are considered "at-will" and are not defined by written contracts. In these types of business relationships, either party may terminate the employment arrangement for practically any reason, except for those prohibited by state or federal law, such as discrimination.

In some situations, however, an employer might need to negotiate a written employment agreement to meet the requirements of a key executive or professional, define performance expectations and incentives, specify the details of compensation and equity options, and outline the reasons that could support termination for cause and severance terms.

Ms. Ross works with employers to prevent the misuse of confidential and proprietary business information. Ms. Ross also works with business owners to prevent lawsuits of discrimination, harassment, and workplace retaliation by developing employee policies that are carefully memorialized and later reviewed by employees in handbooks and manuals. Finally, Ms. Ross has successfully defended several of her clients against unwarranted allegations of employment discrimination, wrongful termination, and harassment.

Protecting Employees in Litigation Matters

Employees also benefit from our experience with employment litigation. M. Ross & Associates, LLC is prepared to advocate for employee interests on any of the matters listed above under the right circumstances and absent any conflict with a past or current client relationship. Our attorneys also advise clients about separation, termination, waiver, severance agreements and other aspects of dissolving the employment relationship.

For more information about our ability to help lead your business toward a favorable outcome in employment litigation, contact M. Ross & Associates, LLC in Englewood Cliffs.

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