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Business law is a complicated field of law, with many intersecting legalities that require attention and protection. Establishing and discussing contracts is a way businesses are able to ensure this protection. The use of these contracts enforces that certain terms and agreements are met or legal action can be taken. But with the enforcement of contract terms comes disputes about whether those terms were met or were fair. At M. Ross & Associates, LLC, we have experience in resolving business litigation disputes. If your business is facing a contract dispute, skilled legal counsel from our Bergen County business attorneys can help you achieve the results you want.

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Types of Contract Disputes

When a business contract is signed, it is understood that both parties agree to the terms stated within the contract. However, sometimes things don’t go as intended or promises go unfulfilled. If your business agreement is broken, you should know whether your breach of contract was a material or non-material one.

The difference between the two is defined as:

  • Material breaches are contracts that are broken in a way that defies the whole reason why the contract was established. There very roots on which it was established are broken.
  • Non-material breaches are breaches that violate terms of a contract, but do not defy the point of the contract completely. An agreement can withstand a non-material breach.

Our business contract lawyers can help clients throughout Bergen County with both material and non-material breaches. If your contract has suffered from a non-material breach, we can help provide the legal advocacy you need during discussion and reevaluation. Likewise, we can also help with material breaches. Courts are more likely to be involved in this kind of violation and we are more than prepared to represent your business.

Serving Bergen County and the Northern New Jersey Area

Our business law attorneys have served a wide range of clients—including property management companies, apparel manufacturers, family enterprises, food production companies, internet consultants, and music and language schools. No matter what your business or your legal issue, we provide top-quality and experienced legal counsel for your case. At M. Ross & Associates, LLC, we are ready to help and deliver results-driven litigation.

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