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Tech lawyers often focus their practice in either transactional or litigation areas of business law. M. Ross & Associates, LLC is unique in that we have considerable experience practicing both transactional and litigation law for businesses throughout New York City, Bergen County and northern New Jersey. Our understanding of both areas not only expands the range of legal services we can offer to tech businesses, it also lends us a competitive advantage in better anticipating the needs of our clients thanks to the range of our knowledge.

We understand the features that distinguish tech businesses from other companies and are equipped to assist you in numerous areas specific to your industry. In addition to our aforementioned litigation and transactional services, our New Jersey tech business lawyers can assist you in intellectual property protection and disputes as well as compliance counseling.

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Intellectual Property Protection

Tech companies are built on the trade secrets and proprietary information that make their products and services competitive. We understand the tremendous value this intellectual property represents to your business and the devastating consequences should proprietary information fall into the hands of a competitor. That is why it is essential that your company take the steps necessary to protect its proprietary information. This includes registering your intellectual property and also taking decisive legal action should your intellectual property be misused.

Our team will perform an exhaustive review of the intellectual property that drives your business and establish what steps need to be taken to ensure its protection. This might mean copyrighting or trademarking intellectual property and taking proactive steps to defend those copyrights or trademarks if they are violated by competitors. It also might mean updating your company’s employment agreements to include additional nondisclosure and noncompete language.

While it is important to foster faith in your team, poaching is common in the tech sector, and you want to avoid a scenario where an employee leaves your business for a competitor with proprietary information in tow. The use of a restrictive covenant agreement can help regulate how much time passes before an employee can be hired by a competitor. It can also be used prohibit the misuse and reliance upon confidential and proprietary information acquired by their tenure with your company.

Some of the tools our team uses to help protect your tech company’s intellectual property include:

  • Restrictive covenant agreements
  • Copyright protection and enforcement
  • Trademark protection and enforcement
  • Nondisclosure agreements

Remember, your proprietary information, including your intellectual property, business data, and customer databases are paramount to the success of your business. Our team at M. Ross & Associates, LLC has an established reputation of success in this field. Our attorneys are ready to put that experience and knowledge toward safeguarding your business.

Tech Company Litigation

Despite efforts to protect and enforce your proprietary assets, your business still may face situations where individuals or competitors refuse to honor your intellectual property rights. In these and other scenarios, litigation may be required to halt the offending action and collect renumeration on any damages your business has incurred.

If a former employee has violated their restrictive covenant agreement, for example, we can pursue litigation on the basis of violating a noncompete, nondisclosure, or non-solicitation agreement. Pursuing litigation in these cases is critical to not only protecting your business assets but also deterring other employees from attempting similar unscrupulous practices.

Beyond intellectual property, our legal team is prepared to handle a variety of litigations relevant to tech businesses. These include:

  • Corporation or partner disputes
  • Debtor-creditor disputes in categories of commercial lending or business financing
  • Employment disputes stemming from an employment agreement
  • Contractual disputes involving vendors, consultants, or commercial commitments
  • Tort disputes involving the sale or purchase of businesses or assets

Transactional Services for Tech Companies

All companies should require sound legal agreements with their employees, contractors, and other businesses to protect and ensure all terms of a business relationship are legally defined. Not doing so can lead to unfortunate scenarios where employees or third parties can take action that harm a company.

For example, a third-party company hired to handle customer support for your tech company may have promised to hire enough staff to keep phoneline wait times under 10 minutes. That pledge could be the reason you agree to work with the company, but without those terms defined in a legal agreement, they may not be legally enforceable. In other words, if the third-party company ends up reducing its staff after being hired, pushing wait times beyond 10 minutes, you may not have many legal options if the terms were not explicitly defined in the contract. Clearly enforceable contractual language, including terms of dispute resolution, can also serve as a deterrence. Consider that the third-party company in this scenario might not have reduced staff if they knew they were contractually obligated to maintain a certain level of service and would face punitive measures if they failed to live up to that obligation.

Our New Jersey tech business attorneys can help anticipate and prepare your business for these scenarios and others, helping to identify and manage problems before they impact your operations. If you are an entrepreneur looking to create a startup or form a partnership, we can also help create operating and partnership agreements as well as business formation filings.

Compliance Counseling

Companies of all types are subject to federal and state regulations, but tech companies in particular can face stringent oversight in matters related to safety and consumer privacy. Compliance with these government agency guidelines is crucial to maintaining a healthy business, as violations can lead to damage in consumer confidence as well as fines or legal action.

Our legal team can supply compliance counseling to ensure your tech company’s operations remain in accordance with all laws and guidelines relevant to your business. We also offer outside general counsel services, which can include regular reviews of company procedures to certify continued compliance as well as alert you to anticipated regulatory changes and how they might impact your operations.

Our New Jersey tech business attorneys can help better protect your company today. Call or contact us online to get started.

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