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If you are an entrepreneur or have a great idea and resources with which to form a business, you may be confused about what to do first or how to get started. You may have heard of others who are effectively winging it and conducting businesses without any formal paperwork. While there are scenarios where you can effectively create a startup business without much documentation, you open yourself up to tremendous liability in doing so, especially as the business grows. A startup lawyer can help you legally define your startup business through an entity that best suits your goals and help you avoid other common mistakes.

Our New Jersey startup attorneys at M. Ross & Associates, LLC can help form the legal foundation for your new business. Once your startup is up and running, our legal team can continue to assist you in expanding and protecting your business through formalized operational agreements, contractual agreements necessary to conduct your business, review of vendor and distribution documents, and other services.

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Startup Formation and Financing in New Jersey

Our lawyers have a thorough understanding of the advantages of each business entity type and are prepared to advise you on what structure is suited for your short- and long-term goals. Formally creating a business entity can grant the business owners protections and other benefits, including management structure, tax efficiency, and limited personal liability in the event of a lawsuit.

Our New Jersey startup lawyers can help you form any of the following:

  • General Partnerships
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • C or S Corporations
  • Professional Corporations
  • Family Business Entities

Each of these entities has different formation and registration requirements. Some, like corporations, require additional documentation that forms the bedrock of how your company will operate, including corporate articles and bylaws, buy/sell agreements, and shareholder agreements. Even “simpler” entity types generally require operating agreements, which should be rigorously scrutinized to ensure the legally enforceable language protects your interests and is consistent with your goals and those of the other members

Our founding attorney, Michele L. Ross, Esq., has substantial experience in legally assisting businesses in a range of sectors . Our firm’s goal is to give you more bandwidth in optimizing your company’s products or services, building relationships, and/or borrowing money or raising funds – let us handle the details of your structural documents, preliminary contracts and other legal documents protect your business objectives and interests.

We can also assist you in the financing stages of your startup. Some investors or financial institutions may try to take advantage of entrepreneurs seeking to build a business, so it is imperative that a qualified lawyer review any financing agreement, loan or promissory note before it is finalized.

Some of the formation and financing services we provide include:

  • Drafting, reviewing, and formalizing bylaws, operating agreements, and charters, where relevant
  • Drafting, reviewing, and formalizing all agreements allocating control of the company in accordance with your wishes
  • Assisting in the final formation, filing, and registration of your business entity
  • Advocating for your interests during initial negotiations with lenders
  • Evaluating the fairness of proposed payment terms, penalties, and interest rates

Other Services Our Team Provides to Startups

Once your startup has been formed and begins to operate, you will likely need additional legal services to protect your business as it grows and expands. Our firm can continue to legally assist your startup in a variety of categories. These include:

  • Transactional Services – drafting and reviewing of all contracts governing transactions and legal relationships, including with vendors, distributors, employees and other businesses
  • Intellectual Property Protection – taking steps to obtain and enforce copyrights or trademarks for your intellectual property and limiting the spread of proprietary information through nondisclosure and noncompete language in employment agreements
  • Real Estate Services – assisting the negotiation, review, and formalization of commercial leases and purchases
  • Litigation – protecting and asserting company rights in scenarios where another party does not live up to their end of a legal agreement

Let Our New Jersey Startup Lawyer Help Form Your Business

Our team at M. Ross & Associates, LLC has assisted numerous business owners and entrepreneurs throughout New Jersey in the formation and financing of their startups. We are prepared to guide you through each step of the formation process and provide you with exceptional legal services well into the future, no matter your area of business.

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