Two new Vineland businesses give hope for local renewal


There is understandably a lot of planning that goes into creating a new business in New Jersey. By the time a start-up business opens its doors, months and sometimes years of preparation have paved the way for that long-anticipated moment. At a time when the media is full of stories about economic catastrophes, it is gratifying to learn about someone who has taken a vision for a new enterprise and turned it into reality.

The city of Vineland is welcoming two businesses that will not only help renew the downtown area but also support a neighboring business. Hangar 84 is a concert venue in the first block of South Sixth Street. The owner opened the doors in 2008 after purchasing the commercial units on the block. Now she is welcoming two new business establishments that will both complement her concert studios and also provide rental income to strengthen her own business plan.

Hernando's Hometown Pharmacy will be run by a husband and wife who received a $60,000 start-up loan from Vineland's Urban Enterprise Zone program, earmarked to help new start-ups. Their vision includes one-on-one customer service in an apothecary-style setting. The husband has over 20 years of pharmaceuticals experience, and his wife is a registered nurse. They were attracted to the location by the combination of free parking and the proximity to Landis MarketPlace.

The second start-up is called Black Light Lounge and offers a place to go for local kids, especially late at night. It will provide take-out breakfast and lunch items , as well as a full dinner menu and late-night dining including char-broiled burgers, hand-cut fries and omelets until 4:00 a.m. The Lounge seems perfectly positioned to gain business from Hanger 84, since concerts there end about 11:00 p.m. And the increased foot traffic can only help all three business ventures.

While these business dreams are close to reality, the planning continues. Every successful business requires a good business plan. A New Jersey attorney focused on helping people turn their business ideas into success may be an indispensable resource. From assisting in creating the written plan to negotiating contracts, loan agreements and leases, the lawyer can help at every step of the process.

Source: The Daily Journal, " New businesses to open on Sixth Street," Kristi Funderburk, Oct. 1, 2011