Commercial Landlord & Tenant Services


A new feeling of normalcy is beginning to settle as businesses slowly reopen, however, this is also giving rise to increased tenant and landlord matters. Contact M. Ross & Associates, LLC for all your commercial landlord and tenant needs!

As many of you know in the past week, New York and New Jersey has started to resume operations and life is beginning to look a bit more normal. We're finding that with many of our commercial tenants and landlords, ongoing lease matters continue to arise.

It's not just about making payments for rent. There are other contractual obligations in a lease - perhaps it's real estate taxes, perhaps it's the performance of various other covenants, perhaps it's the need to comply with ISRA obligations in the lease. Whatever the case may be, many landlords and tenants are currently engaging in ongoing negotiations about how to rectify the problems that have been a pitfall of COVID-19.

At M. Ross & Associates, our attorneys are well-versed in real estate law, frustration of purpose, impossibility of performance, material adverse conditions, and various other items that are impacting commercial leases today.

Please call us; we can help you.