Lack of contractual enforcement causing delays at Amazon


When New Jersey companies dispute the contracts they have with vendors, it affects not only them, but the customers they serve as well. Many customers who buy books at Amazon may be experiencing some shipping delays as the company negotiates a new deal with publisher Hachette Book Group.

The publisher denies any lack of contractual enforcement on its end, claiming that it is promptly filling all orders from Amazon. Amazon, meanwhile, is restocking some books slowly, causing shipping delays of 2-4 weeks. Other websites and brick and mortar stores, on the other hand, have immediate availability.

It is unknown what Amazon is disputing with Hachette Book Group, but the retailer has done the same thing in the past with other publishers who failed to comply with its demands. A dispute with another publisher in the past dealt with pricing issues, so it's possible that could be the case here.

If this contract isn't negotiated soon, it could hurt Amazon's bottom line. Consumers shop at Amazon because they can get the things they want quickly. Many items are shipped and delivered within two days, so if an item is taking up to a month to get to its destination, shoppers are going to look elsewhere.

Compromise is crucial when negotiating a contract. Both sides are not always going to get everything they want. The companies and vendors involved need to determine what things are most important and what things they are willing to compromise on. It's also a good idea to listen to the other party's concerns and come up with viable solutions.

Source: Geekwire, " Publisher says Amazon is delaying book shipments over contract dispute," Blair Hanley Frank, May 9, 2014