What start-ups need to look for in the ideal employee


Some New Jersey businesses may not put too much thought into their hiring processes, especially if it is a large company prone to excessive turnover. However, for a small company, such as a start-up, hiring the right people is critical. About three-quarters of start-ups fail, and the hiring process could have a lot to do with it.

Working for a start-up is not the ideal job for everyone. It can be the perfect opportunity for someone who wants to learn and grow along with a new company and thrives on unpredictability. Nonetheless, for those who like the same routine every day, it can be torture. Therefore, it is important for start-ups to hire people who are flexible and not simply looking for a 9-5 job.

Along the same lines, passion is important. A person without drive or motivation is not likely to stick around when the going gets tough. He or she needs to be enthusiastic about the job in order to succeed.

The ideal employee should also have a mind for business. Employees of start-ups need to be able to help the company grow and succeed. This requires creativity, problem-solving and an entrepreneurial spirit.

When it comes time to make a hiring decision, it is a good idea to have a solid written contract or agreement in place. This allows the potential hire to understand what he or she is getting into and know what types of compensation he or she will receive. It is also important for employees to know if they are at-will or contract employees, which can affect their rights, should they decide to terminate their employment.

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