Importance of building online presence for small companies


The goal of every New Jersey entrepreneur is to grow a business. Nowadays, this is best done through an online presence, such as a website. This is true for all businesses -- not just those that sell products online. When customers want to learn more about a business, they tend to search the web for the company name. If a company has no website, it could potentially be overlooked. Whether a company creates a website themselves or hires a professional, there are several things to consider.

The first step is to come up with a purpose. Some websites remain fairly static and merely serve for informational purposes. A construction company, on the other hand, may choose to update its website regularly with photos of new projects it has completed. The same goes for a writer -- that person may have a daily blog. A website that sells products will also be constantly updated.

Templates and plug-ins are other considerations. Each page of the website should utilize the same general template. There are thousands of templates available, so it's important to find one that can suit the purpose of the company. For example, a construction or real estate company will want a template that allows a company to display multiple photos. A writer may want one that allows various types of content, such as articles, blogs and perhaps links to published works. Plug-ins are great for those who want a site that is full of videos and other graphic content.

In order to stay competitive, small companies need to make their name known and this is often done through online tools such as websites and social media. Entrepreneurs have many things to worry about and many hats to wear and creating a purposeful website is just one of the many tasks that must be done.

Source: FOX Business, " 7 Steps to Build a Small Business Website," Michel Theriault, Dec. 19, 2013