Dilemma for small companies: Work or vacation?


Starting a new business is a dream for many New Jersey entrepreneurs. Who wouldn't love to be his or her own boss? However, that dream comes with many risks and sacrifices, including whether or not to take a vacation. With the economic slowdown, many owners of small companies are attempting to take some much-needed rest and relaxation, only to be swamped with a sudden demand for business.

But who's complaining? Customers are what keep small companies afloat. However, it's not always an easy decision to put off that anticipated vacation. With fun in the sun calling, entrepreneurs must decide between taking on new business or taking a few weeks - or even a few days - off to relax.

With the economy turning around this summer, customers are starting to spend more money. This is exciting for small companies because it, of course, means more business. But it also means a change in plans. Vacations will have to be delayed for a few months or possibly until next summer.

Others are instead seeing business decline and are spending their summer trying to gain new business. Many are working on garnering contracts from new clients and improving their Internet search results through search engine optimization. This is especially true of new "start-up" operations. The first few years in business for a small company are the most crucial, and building a base of clientele takes work, persistence, and sometimes, some outside advice.

Being an entrepreneur takes a lot of patience, hard work and persistence. Although everyone can benefit from time off every now and then, sometimes the nature of the business just doesn't allow it. Entrepreneurs need to know when to take advantage of business trends and find the right balance between work and play. Running a partnership or small business requires much sacrifice, but it is often worth it in the end.

Source: TH Online.com, " Small-business owners pick sales over sun, fun," Aug. 25, 2013