Technology, new attitudes changing the face of small companies


Entrepreneurs in New Jersey and other parts of the country may be excited to know that 2013 is a great time to own a business. New technology and changing values are helping small companies and partnerships operate more smoothly.

Cloud computing is a fairly new service that many businesses are eager to take advantage of. This allows business owners and their employees to work from anywhere on any device and still have access to important documents and files.

Along the same line, working on the go is becoming increasingly common, to the point where it is almost expected. With tablets and smartphones commonplace, nobody needs to be tied to the office any longer. Important documents and presentations can be created on the go.

Being virtual is more common than being in a physical work location. Many employees work from Starbucks, the beach, doctor's office waiting rooms and even from their children's school activities. No location is off-limits.

Because of the mobile technology available nowadays, many people are making the switch to freelancer and entrepreneur. In fact, more than 17 million people in the United States are considered what is called "solopreneurs." Although this can be exciting for many business owners, it can also be risky.

While 2013 may prove to be a great year for small businesses, entrepreneurs should remember that starting up a business requires a great deal of planning. One of the most important things that a successful small company needs is a business succession plan to protect the company in case the owner retires or dies. It is important for the owner to have a successor in mind and ensure that this person is properly trained on all aspects of the business. Once the training has been completed, it is then important to set a timetable and execute the plan. An experienced business law attorney can help prepare this plan and other documents that are vital to a small business.

Source: USA Today, " Ask an Expert: Small business is back," Steve Strauss, Jan. 7, 2013