Difference Between a Leasing Agent & a Tenant Representative


The difference between a leasing agent and tenant representative can be confusing, so to put it plainly: leasing agents have the property listings containing available spaces and they are looking for tenants to fill the spaces. Tenant representatives, on the other hand, help clients who are in the process of looking for available space for their business. They are both experts in their specific field and both rely on the other to do their job.

For a more in-depth understand of their differences as well as some similarities, check out the section below.

Leasing agents have the following qualifications:

  • Experts in seeking tenants to fill available commercial real estate
  • Directly hired by landlord or seller
  • Keeps landlord's best interests in mind

Tenant representative are:

  • Exerts in seeking locations for clients
  • Directly works for tenants
  • Keeps clients best interests in mind

The main similarities between the two individuals include the educational backgrounds they have. Both aim towards making their client happy, giving them a desired outcome. It is important for your business to have assistance from a commercial real estate attorney to negotiate the best purchase, sales and lease transactions possible.

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