New business showcasing 'green' employment opportunities


Green Vision, Inc. is holding an open house to showcase the jobs they're creating in Greater Morristown, New Jersey. The new business hopes to create employment for adults and teenagers suffering from autism. They're holding an open house later this week, inviting visitors to see their facilities.

The company does de-manufacturing. This involves taking apart electronic devices in order to recover or recycle their more valuable internal components. Some electronic devices, for example, may have copper or gold in their wiring. That material can be sold for re-use in new products.

The new business places an emphasis on "being green," with over 99 percent of their output staying out of our landfills. They also take pride in providing meaningful work for autistic individuals, who are challenged by the work but might otherwise have to take menial jobs. The company hopes the combination of environmental consciousness and socially progressive employment will enable them to thrive despite the sluggish national economy.

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Source: The Morris Town Green, " New sustainable business model open house in Morris Plains, Oct 27 ," Oct. 17, 2011