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Buying and Selling a Business in New Jersey

Bergen County Attorney for Business Asset or Stock Purchases and Sales

For many business owners, selling the enterprise for a going concern represents the preferred exit strategy when retirement or new opportunities become an attractive proposition. Meanwhile, many entrepreneurs would rather take over an established player in a known market than assume the risk and expense of starting a new company.

No matter which side of the transaction you happen to be on, Bergen County business lawyer Michele L. Ross, Esq. can help you get the most out of your bargain if you're thinking about buying or selling a business, or just your interest in a business, in northern New Jersey. Contact the Law Office of Michele L. Ross, LLC, for dependable advice and comprehensive client service for all your business acquisition or sale transaction needs.

Michele L. Ross, Esq. can advise you about the best ways to protect your interests while advancing the deal through every stage from the initial memorandum of understanding and nondisclosure commitments to the closing. At each intermediate stage, Ms. Ross keeps closely engaged with her client to make sure that the practical and logistical considerations for the transfer remain on track, even while she's negotiating, reviewing or drafting the documents that will express your agreement and define each side's commitments.

If you're selling your entire company or just your interest in a particular company, Ms. Ross can advise you about the best ways to structure the deal, whether as a stock sale, a transfer of your controlling interest, or a sale of business assets. Ms. Ross will also work with you about meeting your disclosure obligations to avoid future tax and corporate liability for any risks the buyer might later claim were hidden or misrepresented. If you have an interest in continuing with the business as an executive or consultant, Ms. Ross can make sure that the proper contractual language finds its way into the final agreement.

Of greatest importance to many business sellers is Ms. Ross' ability to avoid committing to a transfer without full assurance of the buyer's capacity to meet its financial obligations. Unless the buyer is in a position to pay cash for the full purchase amount, some combination of bank financing, new investment, or secured financing by the buyer will be necessary to assure complete and timely payment. Michele L. Ross, Esq. can help you determine the type of financing needed to effectuate the business sale

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For business purchasers, our law firm can help you with the due diligence necessary to make sure that the financials provided by the seller are correct and fully documented. We will also make sure that the business, regulatory tax and legal risks inherent in the transaction are correctly identified and understood. Our in depth understanding of noncompetition and nonsolicitation covenants can also help ensure that your seller does not emerge as a competitor in your market before you are ready to meet the challenge.

For comprehensive advice that goes beyond the legal aspects of buying or selling a business in New Jersey, contact the Law Office of Michele L. Ross, LLC, in Englewood Cliffs.